About Us

The establishment of Growgreen Co., Ltd began with the story of its founder. Before that, she only worked as an officer and had a normal life like many other families

But deep inside, she really cares about the environment. She usually reads articles about environmental problems and feels happy or sad about it. Gradually, it is ingrained in her subconscious and forming a new lifestyle. Going to the supermarket, cafe or buying food, she considers and uses nylon alternatives to reduce plastic waste.

The era of milk tea and take away lifestyle as well as order food from mobile apps boom, plastic straws, utensils, and foam boxes were scattered innocently on street corners. She realized she needs to do something. Giving up a stable job, she and her friends established Growgreen Co., Ltd in January 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Our very first products were eco-friendly biodegradable natural straws from abundant local material such as bamboo drinking straw, grass straw, edible straw and paper straw. Then we have diversified into other products such for F&B industry as bamboo products and palm leaf plates.

Our goal is to find solutions to replace disposable plastic with eco-friendly products and meet the criteria of business practicality.

Our purpose is eco-friendly products need to be popularized and accepted by consumers as essential products, we strive to promote the reduction of plastic waste as well as strive to develop consulting services, to take care of customers thoroughly and attentively in addition to improving product quality and price competitiveness.

Bamboo bowl with trays
Bamboo bowl with trays