Natural Dried Grass Drinking Straws

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  • Material: Natural Lepironia grass (Grey sedge grass)
  • Color: Green, Beige
  • Dimensions: L: 7.85” (20cm) & D: 0.16 – 0.3” (4-7mm)
  • Package: 500 dried grass straws/bag


Natural Dried Grass Drinking Straws

  • Grass straws are sturdy, convenient, suitable for both hot and cold beverages, and never soggy, our grass-drinking straws work perfectly for daily drinks at home/bars/restaurants/hotels such as juices, shakes, smoothies, coffee, etc.
  • These straws are made of sedge grass stems, 100% NATURAL and biodegradable
  • Our grass drinking straws have no dyes or other chemicals.
  • Store your straws in a cool, dry place; avoid direct sunlight.
  • As they are a natural product, they have an expiry date of 6-12 months from the date of manufacture.
  • Our grass straws are tested and approved by SGS to ensure no harmful residue exceeds the allowable limit.
  • Disposable in food waste bins.
  • The price is for 1000 straws.

By using natural grass straws, you not only help reduce plastic waste to the environment but help ensure job opportunities for local people.

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  1. Trinh Hong Hai

    Bạn cho xin Báo giá sản phẩm này nhé, 1000 sản phẩm discount là bao nhiêu %?

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