Disposable Paper Lids for Cups D90mm


Disposable Paper Lids for Cups

  • Diameter: 90mm;
  • Usage: Hot Drink, cold drink (with/without hole);
  • Packing: 25 lids/ bag, 20 bags/carton;


Disposable Paper Lids for Cups D90mm| Paper Cup Lids

Our eco-friendly paper lids are made from paper and coated with PE.

The paper lid diameter is 90mm for 10Oz, 12Oz, 16Oz and 22Oz paper cups.

Disposable paper cup lids aren’t just for hot beverages but also suit cold drinks with a straw hole on it.

The hole diameter is 14mm, big enough for bubble tea drinking straw.

Disposable Paper lid for paper cup

Package: 25pieces/bag; 20bags/carton

Carton dimensions: 45.5*36.5*38 cm.

MOQ: 10 carton

Place of Origin: Vietnam

Material: Paper PE coated

Paper lid cups and paper cups

Beside paper lid for cup, we also have plastic lid with lock, doom lid:

We have single wall cups with many sizes such as 6Oz, 7Oz, 9Oz, 16Oz etc.

Moreover, we have double wall paper cups also.

Double wall paper cup 22Oz
Double wall paper cup 22Oz

Other ecofriendly products.

Furthermore single wall and double wall paper cups, we have many other ecofriendly products for F&B and hospitality such as:

plastic straws alternative for restaurants, coffee shops
Biodegradable dried grass drinking straws


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