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Palm leaf plates are a great solution to replace disposable plastic plates and bowl
  1. Natural and Waste-Free: They’re made entirely from fallen leaves of the Areca palm, and no trees are harmed in the process. This makes them a sustainable alternative to paper or plastic plates.

2. Fast Decomposers: Unlike some other eco-friendly options, palm leaf plates decompose in just 6-8 weeks in a compost pile . This quick breakdown returns nutrients to the soil and reduces waste in landfills.

3. Heat Resistant Surprise: Palm leaf plates can handle hot and cold foods without leaking or warping. They’re pressed and molded with heat, creating a natural binder that makes them surprisingly sturdy.

4. Chemical-Free Creation: The manufacturing process relies on heat and pressure, not chemicals, to form the plates. This means no harmful residues leaching into your food.

5. Empowering Rural Communities: Palm leaf plate production often creates jobs in areas where the Areca palm grows. This provides economic opportunities, particularly for women, in these regions.

Biodegradable areca palm leaf plates and bowls
Biodegradable areca palm leaf plates and bowls.