Disposable Wooden Spoons Paper Wrapped

Disposable Wooden Spoons Paper Wrapped

Material: Natural wood.

Dimensions: D x R x C: 160x32x1.8 mm.

Made in Vietnam.


Disposable Wooden Spoons Paper Wrapped

Disposable wooden spoons paper wrapped are products in disposable wooden cutleries.

It is used as an alternative to disposable plastic spoon. Disposable wooden spoons paper wrapped easy to take away .

Disposable wooden spoon paper wrapped
Paper wrapped disposable wooden spoon

The spoon made of wood and have the ability to break down, safely and relatively quickly.

By biological means, into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment.

These disposable wooden spoons are completely non-toxic chemicals, preservatives added during production.

Used in pastry shop, company party, birthday, picnic, teabreak in seminars, conferences…

The product is thick, smooth, has no cracks, no splinters, is carefully polished, and undergoes strict quality control.

Products made from natural wood should have different colors and wood grains.

MOQ: 10 carton.

HS code: 4419909090.

We can do logo customize as the customer’s requirements.

Paper-wrapped disposable wooden cutlery.

Beside paper wrapped disposable wooden spoons, we also have disposable wooden fork and spoon and set.


wooden cutlery in paper bag
wooden cutlery in paper bag

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